Customer Testimonials

We've had many happy new owners send us pictures and stories about their new pets. Read about their stories here! We would love to hear your own story as well! Submit yours through our Contact page. We have people from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virgina adopt our puppies. We are a short drive from Cleveland, Columbus, or Pittsburgh for your next Cockapoo, Cavapoo or Shihpoo puppy.

Amanda & Chris in New York City

Hi Joe, just wanted to provide an update on Benjie (now Baker). Baker is settling into his new home so well and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter puppy. He is the best companion and playmate imaginable and makes each day better than the next. We are so happy we chose to adopt from Mt Hope Cavaliers - it's evident that you and your family took such great care of our puppy before he came to us.

I've attached a few pictures of Baker in his new home. Thanks again!


Amanda and Chris

Abbey in Memphis

Yay we got Charlie!! He is perfect and we are in love with him already! Thank you SO much!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jenny in Virginia

Just wanted to send you an update! Zoey (now Winnie) has settled in wonderfully. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl!! We really love her so much.

Thanks so much again for everything. Happy holidays to you and your family!

Julie & Tyler in Boston

Hi Joe, Hannah, and family,

I can't believe we've had Penny for 2 weeks! She has been an absolute pleasure and we love her so much. So far, we've learned that she's very smart and a quick learner, loves to cuddle and run around in the grass, and is friendly to everyone she meets. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter pup. Thank you again for all the care you gave her! She's amazing and we're so lucky to have her.

All the best,

Julie and Tyler

Dave and Holly from Arizona

Thank you! We have some very happy kids

Lisa and Brent from Stow

We brought home our furbabies two weeks ago. They are ten weeks old today. What an adventure and happiness they have brought to our lives. Joe and the Heatwole family are truly amazing. We were given updates on the puppies each week and they sent pictures of them so we could see them growing and changing. I could email or text with any questions big or small. Our family was able to meet the puppies before we got them and they are perfect. They are learning quickly. Buddy rings the bell to go outside and Lucy knows to sit for a treat. They are almost constantly in play mode. They keep us on our toes for sure. It will take us a little longer to get a good sleeping pattern for them. They are very well socialized and they love our older boy King... even though he is grumpy sometimes. Thank you again for our adorable and loving puppies. 

Ted from Cincinnati


Thanks again for Millie. We made it home safe and sound. She is very happy and healthy, eating and drinking regularly. She's a great dog, thanks, Ted

Kathleen in N.Y.

Hi Joe!

Happy New Year! Hope you and the family are doing well!

I just wanted to write and say that Mike and I ADORE Dakota! She's settled really well into the city and our families love her (including the family dog). She has the spunkiest and sassiest personality that so fits us. We actually have an Instagram account for her (Dakota.da.doodle) if you want to see some recent pictures of her!

Anyways, thank you so much for the best puppy ever! We feel so lucky to have found her.


Cami from Toledo

Hi Joe and Roy,

We recently had our one year anniversary with our sweet Shih-poo that we named Hank (formerly known as Luther). He has been such a huge blessing to our family and is wonderful with our four kids. He is extremely bright and the epitome of a companion dog. We love him so much and we are so happy with our decision to get him. Below are some pictures of our sweet boy.
Thank you,

Hannah in Kent

Hey Joe & Roy!

Just wanted to give you an update on Jet/Sebastian. It's been 2 weeks today that I got him and he is simply a joy. I brought him home to Pittsburgh to meet my mom and she LOVES him. She even tried to steal him off me! He loves my moms 9 year old Yorkie, and although Boo is older and doesn't like to play anymore..he does really well with the puppy. Sebastian is very smart and loves to explore everything. He does awesome in social situations and the car. So far the only thing he's scared of is the lawn mower! I got him to the vet and he's very healthy. Everyone just loved him and wanted to take him off me. My favorite thing is cuddling at night and sometimes he insists on sleeping right on my shoulder/face lol! He is definitely a mommas boy. I HIGHLY recommend Mt Hope Cavaliers. Such a wonderful breeder and awesome to work with! :)


Nichole in Pittsburgh

Hey Joe,

I just wanted to get back in touch with you to say thanks for our puppy! It has been very busy around here the past two weeks and this is my first chance to send you an update. Although we had a hard time choosing between the two dogs it didn't take long for us to realize that Morris was the right fit for us. We decided to keep the name Morris, since it was becoming quite impossible for the four of us to agree on a name. Since we all liked the name Morris, we kept it! He checked out healthy!!! He has gained about a pound in the past 2 weeks and is as cute as ever. He is a big hit in the neighborhood! He is doing really well potty training but not without accidents!! And he loves our wheaton named Champ (he likes to use him as a chew toy!) Champ likes to play with the puppy and I must say tolerates alot! They are going to be great pals!! I haven't had a chance to check out your website since we got Morris, but we were all wondering if Bear got adopted out? We certainly hope so!

Sue in Michigan

Joe and Roy,

I have been wanting to write to thank you so much for our puppy. We have named her Chloe and we all just love her. Needless to say I am very fond of her and she is always at my feet. Thank you for this wonderful little pup.

Mark in Indianapolis

Dear Joe,

Didn't know if you could use an updated picture of Cooper but thought I'd pass one along so you could see him at seven months. Feel free to use it to show future owners how your pups turn out. We think he's perfect. He has a wonderful temperment and is very smart. He's a great little buddy to have around. He goes just about everywhere we do and he is loads of fun for the kids and for Jodi and me. Hope you enjoy the picture and have a prosperous year.

Tracy in Columbus

Just wanted to give you an update on Mia/Oreo. Had her to the vet on the 16th, and all is well. We are enjoying her very much and as we were hoping, our other dog, loves to play. Actually they play all day long until Oreo gets tired and needs to nap. Thanks again for such a beautiful puppy!!

Wayne and Mary in Cleveland

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know we now have the most wonderful puppie ever. Roy was very nice and we enjoyed meeting him and his family. I wanted to thank you for your help in making it all possible. We highly recommend Mt Hope Cockapoos.